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Foreign Language School Attached to GDUFS

Brief Introduction of the School

Established in September 1993, English School Attached to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies is a 12-year boarding school. It’s wholly owned and directly managed by Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, a key foreign-related University in Guangdong Province. The school is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. There are approximately 6000 primary and secondary school students and more than 800 teaching staff, with its campus covering an area of 320 mu.

The school aims at the educational tenet of "adhering to the implementation of whole—person education, taking responsibility for the lifelong development of students and cultivating modern talents with an international outlook" and takes "virtues before talent" as its educational task. The school also attaches importance to cultivation of students' comprehensive quality, taking "light burden, high quality" as the teaching feature, focusing on stimulating students' interest in learning. It emphasizes on "strengthening physique, shaping sound personality, improving comprehensive quality and highlighting foreign language characteristics", cultivating students' sense of responsibility and executive ability, guiding students to learn how to be a man, how to live, how to learn and how to develop, so as to lay a solid foundation for them to enter the society and the world.

The school is one of the first 13 foreign language schools chosen by the Ministry of Education with the qualification of recommending and escorting students’ admission to college without taking NCEE. It is also a member school of the National Foreign Language School Work Research Association. It has been rated as National Excellent Private Primary and Secondary School, Demonstration School of Moral Education in Guangdong Province, Experimental School of Education Science Planning of the Ministry of Education, First-class School in Guangdong Province, Most Influential Private Primary and Secondary School in Guangdong Province, Characteristic School of Mental Health Education in Guangdong Province, Experimental Model School of New Curriculum in Guangzhou Guangzhou, etc.

The six outstanding characteristics of school-running consist of: foreign language teaching, activity-based education, student-centered education, school-based curricula, campus culture and international mode of school-running.

Over the past 25 years, the school has been focusing on students' lifelong development and committed to cultivating talents with worldly vision and modern consciousness, highlighting its foreign language characteristics and pursuing quality of school-running. Now the school is noted for its mature teaching conditions, high-quality teachers, perfect management system and rich school-running experience. It has become one of the most influential private primary and secondary schools in Guangdong Province.


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